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1901 Census File
The 1901 census file now has almost 300,000 individuals for seven different counties Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Wexford and Westmeath. The status of the progress for each of these counties is described below:

County Roscommon
The database contains over 100,000 individuals who lived in County Roscommon in 1901. The database is complete. Special thanks to Eve Cryan for her assistance in transcribing records from North Roscommon. Thanks to Mike Lennon from Ireland for transcribing missing townlands for Termonbarry civil parish and four missing streets for Roscommon town. Thanks also to William Coyle and Anne Harrington both from Ireland who obtained missing census data for Estersnow parish.

If you can't find a relative from County Roscommon that you believe should be in the database, contact Roger McDonnell for assistance at

County Leitrim
The data base for Co. Leitrim is complete. Thanks to Jim Irvine, Jim McCabe, Trish Nicola, Denis Lussier, Tom McFadden and Sue Leonard for their assistance in contributing Co. Leitrim records.

County Mayo
County Mayo is now complete.

County Sligo
County Sligo is now complete. Thanks to Eve Cryan for her work with the Sligo records. Thanks also to Charlie Brown and his team for the Drumcliff parish records.

County Wexford
County Wexford is approximately 25% complete. Many thanks to Joan Rolfes who has transcribed all the data for Co. Wexford.

County Westmeath
Over 2700 individuals from the town of Athlone are included in the database. Military personnel who were part of the British military barrack in Athlone are not included.

County Galway
At this time there are a minimal number of Galway records in the database from the townlands in Creagh civil parish Moycarn barony which were transferred to Galway in 1898.

The records in this file were manually transcribed from microfilm. Some of the information was difficult to interpret because of the handwriting of the individual filling out the census form. A few errors could have been made in the transcription process.

In using this file the researcher should be aware of the following facts.

1. The Census records reflect who was living in the household when the census records were collected by the local constables. Note the census was taken based on who was living in the households on the night of March 31, 1901.

2. Each record in this file contains the townland, civil parish, barony and county where the family resided and the name, age and occupation (in most cases) of the head of household. If there was a wife and children, the record will display the first name and age of the wife/children e.g. Mary(32)-John(4)-Bridget(2). If other individuals with the same last name lived in the household, the record will display the first name, age and their relationship to the head of the household e.g. Mary(70)mother-John(38)brother.
Any individuals living in this household with a different last name will be displayed with their full name and relationship to the head of the household e.g. Mary Higgins(70) mother in law or Bridget Duffy(58) lodger.

3. When using the search engine, the researcher should consider different variations when attempting to locate someone in the database. If you are searching for an individual who you believe was the head of the household, enter the surname and given name in the appropriate search fields. Keep in mind spelling variations for both the surname and the given name. (Variations in spellings for townlands and civil parish data may also affect the output file you receive.)  You may be more successful entering surname data only because you may spell the given name differently than how the name was entered on the Census record. Entering only the surname data will result in a larger output file but the chances of finding the individual you are looking for will increase.

3A. A recently added new feature for the 1901 census, is the ability to search for the surname using the surname soundex code.  Just click the small Soundex Code box at the bottom of the search form and the search engine will automatically calculate the soundex code for your entered surname and then search for any matching surname in the census database that has the same soundex code.  In most cases this will eliminate the need for the user to enter multiple variations on their surname.

4. If you are unsuccessful locating the individual through the head of household search, consider the possibility that the individual was not a head of household. In this situation search using the others enumerated search field (enter given name and surname e.g. Bridget Duffy).  Another option is to enter the surname in the head of household surname field and the given name in the others enumerated field. This would be most effective when looking for individuals who were relatively young in 1901 and spouses of the head of the household.

5. Keep in mind that age data for some adults was in many situations an approximate age. There were many adults who reported being 50, 60, 70 or 80 rather than their actual age.

6. There were numerous situations were only one adult was shown and the individual was listed as married. There are two possible explanations: either the spouse was living away from the household possibly working in another area or the spouse was actually deceased and the marital status was entered incorrectly.

7. Note gd and gs after children are abbreviations for granddaughter and grandson.

8. There are some situations where children are shown as niece or nephew when more likely they were a grandchild of the head of household.

9. In the transcription work completed so far, four workhouses have been encountered in Castlerea, Boyle, Strokestown and the other near Roscommon town. The Castlerea, Boyle, Strokestown records (about 200 individuals each) only reflected the initials of the people who lived at the workhouse. Some of the Roscommon records did reflect the first initial and last name for approximately 70 individuals. These records are included in the database under the records for Ardsallagh Beg townland. Where the last name was not listed, the record is not in the database. For the Boyle workhouse, the initials of the workhouse inhabitants are included in the database thanks to the work of Eve Cryan. To search for these records enter Workhouse in the head of household surname field on the 1901 census search page to locate these records.

10. The records for Royal Irish Constabulary barracks also only reflected the initials for the constables. If the constable was married I was usually able to find the record for his wife and any children and include the constable with that record. For the most part, if the constable was not married, they are included in this data base only if I located their name on the census returns. Records for some of the RIC barracks are included in the database. Enter RICBARR in the head of household surname field on the 1901 census search page to locate these records.

11. The more recent records added to the database contain marital status information for the head of household and if the individual was born outside of the county in which they lived, the county/country of birth is included

The Leitrim-Roscommon 1901 Census Data Base is NOT COMPLETE and will be subject to constant update as new data is uploaded. The following Civil Parishes are in the data base and can be searched.

Complete Partial No Data

 Leitrim is Complete 

Mayo is Complete

 Roscommon is Complete 

Sligo is Complete

Complete Partial
St. Peters

Complete Partial No Data
Adamstown Ambrosetown Ardamine Ardcandrisk Ardcavan Ardcolm
Artramon Ballingly Ballyanne Ballybrazil Ballybrennan Ballycanew
Ballycarney Ballyconnick Ballyhoge Ballyhuskard Ballylannan Ballymitty
Ballymore Ballynaslaney Ballyvaldon Ballyvalloo Bannow Carn
Carnagh Carnew Carrick Castle-ellis Chapel Clone
Clongeen Clonleigh Clonmines Clonmore Coolstuff Crosspatrick
Donaghmore Doonooney Drinagh Duncormick Edermine Ferns
Fethard Hook Horetown Inch Ishartmon Kerloge
Kilbride Kilbrideglynn Kilcavan Kilcomb Kilcormick Kilcowan
Kilcowanmore Kildavin Kilgarvan Kilgorman Killag Killann
Killegney Killenagh Killesk Killiane Killila Killincooly
Killinick Killisk Killurin Kilmacree Kilmakilloge Kilmallock
Kilmannan Kilmannan Little Kilmokea Kilmore Kilmuckridge Kilnahue
Kilnamanagh Kilnenor Kilpatrick Kilpipe Kilrane Kilrush
Kilscanlan Kilscoran Kiltennell Kiltrisk Kilturk Ladysisland
Liskinfere Maudlintown Mayglass Meelnagh Monamolin Monart
Moyacomb Moyne Mulrankin Newbawn Oldross Owenduff
Rathaspick Rathmacknee Rathroe Rosbercon Rossdroit Rosslare
Rossminoge Skreen St. Bridget's St. Doologe's St. Helens St. Iberius
St. James & Dunbrody Saint John's St. Margarets St. Mary's St. Mary's, Enniscorthy St. Mary's, Newtownbarry
St. Michael's St. Michael's of Feagh St. Mullin's St. Nicholas St. Patrick's St. Peter's
St. Selskar's Tacumshin Taghmon Tellarought Templeludigan Templescoby
Templeshanbo Templeshannon Templetown Tikillin Tintern Tomhaggard
Toome Whitechurch Whitechurchglynn

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