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As of August 1999, this file contains approximately 50% of the individuals who lived in County Roscommon in 1901. Additional records for Roscommon will be added throughout this year. Special thanks to Eve Cryan for assistance in transcribing records from North Roscommon.

There are 9000 individuals for County Mayo on the file for Kilbeagh (Charlestown) civil parish as well as Magheraboy townland, civil parish of Kilmovee, County Mayo.

As of August 1999, there are 300 individuals from County Leitrim on the file thanks to the work of Michelle Tippie. Additionals records will be added on a flow basis. Anyone wishing to volunteer to work on County Leitrim records should e-mail Roger McDonnell.

If you can't find a relative from County Roscommon that you believe should be on the file, contact Roger McDonnell for assistance.

The records in this file were manually transcribed from microfilm. Some of the information was difficult to interpret because of the handwriting of the individual filling out the census form. A few errors could have been made in the transcription process.

In using this file the researcher should be aware of the following facts.

1. The Census records reflect who was living in the household when the census records were collected by the local constables.

2. Each record in this file contains the townland, civil parish, barony and county where the family resided and the name, age and occupation (in most cases) of the head of household. If there was a wife and children, the record will display the first name and age of the wife/children e.g. Mary(32)-John(4)-Bridget(2). If other individuals with the same last name lived in the household, the record will display the first name, age and their relationship to the head of the household e.g. Mary(70)mother-John(38)brother.
Any individuals living in this household with a different last name will be displayed with their full name and relationship to the head of the household e.g. Mary Higgins(70) mother in law or Bridget Duffy(58) lodger.

3. When using the search engine, the researcher should consider different variations when attempting to locate someone in the file. If you are searching for an individual who you believe was the head of the household, enter the surname and given name in the appropriate search fields. Keep in mind spelling variations for both the surname and the given name. (Variations in spellings for townlands and civil parish data may also affect the output file you receive.)  You may be more successful entering surname data only because you may spell the given name differently than how the name was entered on the Census record. Entering only the surname data will result in a larger output file but the chances of finding the individual you are looking for will increase.

4. If you are unsuccessful locating the individual through the head of household search, consider the possibility that the individual was not a head of household. In this situation search using the others enumerated search field (enter given name and surname e.g. Bridget Duffy).  Another option is to enter the surname in the head of household surname field and the given name in the others enumerated field. This would be most effective when looking for individuals who were relatively young in 1901 and spouses of the head of the household.

5. Keep in mind that age data for some adults was in many situations an approximate age. There were many adults who reported being 50, 60, 70 or 80 rather than their actual age.

6. If there is only one spouse for a given household and children are also shown, you can assume that the individual was a widow or widower. Where the census record showed a wife with children and the census record indicated she was married, the output record from the search will show "husband away" in the occupation record. In these situations, it was presumed that the husband was away working in another locale. However, it is also possible that the wife incorrectly entered married instead of widow.

7. Note gd and gs after children are abbreviations for granddaughter and grandson.

8. There are some situations where children are shown as niece or nephew when more likely they were a grandchild of the head of household.

9. In the transcription work completed so far, two workhouses have been encountered one in Castlerea and the other near Roscommon town. The Castlerea records (about 200 individuals) only reflected the initials of the people who lived at the workhouse. Some of the Roscommon records did reflect the first initial last name for approximately 70 individuals. These records are included on the file under the records for Ardsallagh Beg townland. Where the last name was not listed, the record is not on the file.

The Leitrim-Roscommon 1901 Census Data Base is NOT COMPLETE and will be subject to constant update as new data is uploaded. The following Civil Parishes are in the data base and can be searched.


Athleague Ballintober Ballynakill Baslick Castlemore Cloontuskert
Cloonygormican Drumatemple Dunamon Fuerty Kilbride Kilcolman
Kilcorkey Kilgefin Kilglass Kilkeevin Kilmeane Kilteevan
Kiltullagh Oran Roscommon Tibohine Tisrara  


Here is a graphical representation of the data base progress

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For any information or questions regarding the contents of the 1901 census data base, please contact Roger McDonnell at rmcdonn@erols.com

For any information or questions regarding the use of the search engine, please contact Ed Finn at efinn@leitrim-roscommon.com